Health and Safety

Protection of health and physical integrity of the company’s employees, service renderers, visitors and others involved in its operations is of fundamental importance to HKM. The company prioritizes social and environmental development, as well as the strict compliance with legal requirements, standards and internal rules.

The company has an Internal Accident Prevention Committee (CIPA) and annually holds the Internal Labor Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT), seeking to involve and commit its employees on all levels regarding the theme.

Besides promoting periodic training for its employees directed to accident prevention, in the Safety and Health area prevention is the priority! For HKM Safety comes first.

Our goals in Safety and Health are:

• To work with efficiency, responsibility and determination in the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
• Involve all the employees in the search for continuous improvement in the Safety and Health standards;
• Integrate SESMT (Specialized Services in Labor Engineering and Safety) and involve the entire operational and administrative teams;
• Control the existing labor risks with the adoption of effective prevention measures and actions;
• Make the workplace safer;
• Have our employees permanently well prepared for executing their work following procedures that prevent the occurrence of accidents and damages to health.

SIPAT 2015


HKM has today in the factory natural resources conservation projects and environmental protection, demonstrating maturity and commitment to an extremely safe production, high productivity and risk of pollution under permanent control.

As an industry focused on environmentally friendly future, it has strict controls of emissions, from processes to the atmosphere as a filtration system for the containment of particulate emissions to the atmosphere. Pollutants are trapped in the filters until they, when saturated, are replaced and collected by a company duly licensed to be disposed, according to the requirements recommended by the Brazilian environmental legislation.

As part of the environmental protection policy of the company, the wastewater is properly treated, as well as semi-annual controls on the quality of that treatment through laboratory analysis.

Our Environmental goals are:

• To respect the environment by promoting sustainable development;
• Systematically monitor the company’s activities that directly or indirectly interfere with the environment;
• Strictly comply with the environmental laws, regulations, technical standards and surpass them all;
• Promote the continuous improvement of its services, offering its clients quality products and the guarantee that they are produced by a company with feasible and safe environmental solutions;
• Recycle garbage;
• Not throw kitchen oil in the sewage system;
• Rationally use and economize water, whenever possible;
• Consume products with environmental certification and from companies that respect the environment in their production processes;
• Create and implant an environmental management system in the company;
• Train and inform its employees regarding the importance of sustainability;
• Give preference to the purchase of raw materials from companies which also follow the principles of environmental responsibility;
• Never adopt actions that might damage the environment such as, for example, pollution of rivers and deforestation.

Social Actions

Social actions are executed during the year through initiatives with local institutions, such as donations to schools and senior citizens and children’s homes.

HKM also supports social sports projects such as the Escola de Craques Bruno Malias, that gives public school students (from 7 to 17 years of age), healthy and educational leisure, using the values of sport to form conscientious citizens that might have a better opportunity of growth and development.

HKM also makes donations to schools and associations:

– Teacher Áurea Maria Andrade Silva Felício, situated in Novo Horizonte, Serra-ES, in order to put into practice the “Healthy Recreation Project”.
– Donation of non-perishable food and geriatric diapers to the Lar Associação da Terceira Idade Professor Coelho Sampaio.

Projeto Recreio Saudável

Associação da Terceira Idade Professor Coelho Sampaio

Ethics and conduct

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