Oil & Gás

Over the last few years HKM has specialized in complying with the segment’s requirements and keeping constant investments to also work in other areas of this segment.

Some projects:

• Metering, Mixing, Additives and Control Skids, among others.
• Monobuoys
• Structures for vessels (FPSO, FSO, etc).
• Several kind of tanks
• Equipment and parts in special materials (stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, inconel, etc.).
• Coils for flexible and umbilicals.
• Flexible accessories (Bend stiffeners, Bend restrictors, flanges, collars, connectors (End-fittings), etc.).
• Pig Launchers and Receivers


HKM also works in the Steel, Mining and Pulp and Paper segments, offering various types of equipment for these sectors.

Some projects:

• Tanks and Silos
• Ducts
• Belt conveyors
• Metallic structures
• Pressure vessel
• Translation systems, trucks and rocker arms
• Warehouses
• Counter weights and concrete structures
• Industrial peelers
• Heat exchangers
• Gears and belt barrels

Storage and Distribution

HKM is specialized in Storage and Distribution solutions and it has in its scope, from basic engineering until systems’ commissioning. It has become the largest producer in this sector in Brazil, with capacity to supply to all Latin America.

Some projects:

• Tanks;
• loading platforms;
• Metering, Mixing, Additives and Control Skids, among others.
• Pipes and Spools;
• LNG regasification terminals.


HKM also renders various specialized services which comply with specific standards and its clients’ requirements.

• High Definition CNC Plasma Machine;
• Large scale machining;
• Heat treatment of large scale parts;
• Automated welding and on special materials such as Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex and Stainless Steel;
• Painting complying to Petrobras, ISO, ABNT and ASTM standards;
• Specialized inspections in parts using tridimensional arm and profile projector.