Innovation Department

HKM has always believed that innovation must be present in its processes and in its employees’ attitudes, and with this in mind, the company has included the Innovation Departments in its organizational chart, with a focus on developing products for the segments where it develops its activities, in the improvement of its processes through studies for acquisition of new equipment and technologies, and also for the wellbeing of its employees.

A spin-off named HKM Pesquisa e Inovação was created exclusively to develop products for the industrial sector.

The company also has a program called Kilometer of Ideas, created with the objective of motivating employees to suggest ideas that are evaluated by a structured process. The employees who had their ideas approved and successfully put into practice were rewarded and acknowledged by the company.

                        HKM employees are already being recognized and rewarded for their ideas applied in the company (João, Marquelli, Luiz Henrique and Geraldo)

                          HKM has acquired innovative technologies to remain competitive in the market as a robotic arm for welding and 3D printer for printing prototypes.