The HKM business unit was founded in 2008 by professionals with experience in the metal-mechanic area for over 20 years, with the objective of understanding the sector’s growing demands in the State of Espírito Santo and Brazil.

Since then, the company has expanded its business based on ethical values, socio-environmental commitment and technological development.

With excellence in its products’ quality which has been attested by international standard ISO 9001 certification, HKM complies with its clients’ most exacting requirements.

In order to innovate its processes and develop new products and services in the industrial segment, HKM created an Innovation Department so that these actions are carried out in a structured and planned manner.

With qualified and skilled employees according to the requirements of clients working in the petrochemical, steel, mining, paper and cellulose industries, HKM has certifications that cover the quality monitoring of its activities and qualification for supplying  to the  oil and gas and naval segments, amongst others. The main scope of HKM’s activities include: production of steel structures, machining and heavy metalwork.

Foto aérea HKM


INSTITUTIONAL MISSION: Provide the complete solutions in the production of products to order for a basic industry, through the excellence in the relationship with Clients and Suppliers, with the promotion of Human Capital, with Social Responsibility and Adequate Return to the Shareholder.


VISION: To be a reference, in the sector in which it operates, in generating value for customers and employees. (internal target Dec /2019).



ETHICS: this is where we begin our relationship.
RESPECT TO PEOPLE AND LIFE: we respect individuality, providing a safe and collective environment.
INNOVATION: we encourage and invest in creative and efficient solutions.
LOYALTY: We are loyal to employees, customers, suppliers and society.
SIMPLICITY: we encourage you to do the simple.
HARMONY: We believe in the result of full union.